Meet the Barnstone Farm Team

lesly Glover equine therapist for healing horses in kentWe are a happy herd living in a very peaceful and safe setting which means that we are able to achieve the best results when working with you. Because we work with honesty and integrity, we ask that you come along with an open mind so that together we can begin to make those necessary changes to your life that you are seeking to make. None of this can happen without the facilitating services of Lesley, who has the important job of interpreting and communicating our findings.

Using her skill of observation Lesley has now successfully published a book about the adventures of the animals down on the farm to create an inspirational book for children. Each story in ‘Tales from Down on the Farm, Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children’ is about building confidence and self esteem and exploring emotions and feelings, with a sense of fun and laughter, so that the process is enjoyable for both child and parent.

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Hi, my name is Monty and I’m a Miniature Shetland pony. I’m a bit of a cheeky chappie who likes to walk through fences just to keep everyone on their toes. I love working with children as they are so quick to learn, just like me. In fact some children who came to visit the other day taught me how to play football – now that’s clever.

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My sister is called Tilly and just like me she’s small, adorable and cuddly but she prefers to work with adults, and just like our mum she is very caring and gets to the point very quickly.

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This is our mum Hettie, who if she works with you will get you there is a flash, as she doesn’t stand for ‘don’t knows’, so you have to agree and move on. I guess that is what comes from being a mum. Us little ones love working with people and we don’t miss a thing.


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The last member of our team is our beautiful Annie. She is so wise, patient and a very gentle soul whose tenderness touches and melts your heart, so that you cannot help but begin to love yourself as you look into the mirror of Annie’s eyes and see the real you standing there.


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This is Pip, a newcomer to our herd. She just loves being taken for a walk, and she definitely has no trouble in making herself known. Oh, and she thinks she one of the bigger horses.