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big jack

Big Jack (stable name)

Full Name          –        Black magic

Breed                 –        Irish Sports Horse

Colour                –        Black

Size                    –        15hh 3’’

Known History   - Jack was given to AJ in 2012 to join the team. He is a beautiful horse full of intelligence and character. He has had a great deal of physical and mental issue that he had to work through and when he came to us you could not put a bridle on him or touch his ears without him running 6 foot backwards.Now he is a healthy and happy individual who loves to play and learn new things to do, he loves being around people and has a special magic about him.




horse agility horsemanship north devon

Little Jack (Stable Name)    

Full Name          –        Blackertor Bright Jack

Born                   –        01.05.2007

Breed                 –        Section A

Colour                –        Grey

Size                    –        11hh

Known History   -Jack came to live with AJ in March 2009. Jack’s mum died when he was a foal so he has been hand reared, which also means he knows no boundaries with humans (therefore had no respect for personal space) and didn’t understand the equine set of rules within a herd environment.

When Jack was introduced to the herd he could not understand that Ernie was lead horse (see horse behaviour). Ernie looked at Jack and asked him to move to confirm to Jack that he was in charge of everyone’s feet within the herd but Jack stood still. Even when Ernie walked towards Jack (which in horse talk is “you better move or I’ll make you”) and still he stood still as he didn’t understand the language Ernie was speaking which is common knowledge for all horses – accept those reared by humans as they don’t learn the rules set to all horses from the day they are born by their mothers.

By Standing still Jack in effect was saying “make me” so Ernie did as most stallions would do to a foal in a herd environment, he picked him up my the scruff of the neck and shook him like a rag doll. You can see the teeth marks on Jacks neck by the different hair colouring.

Now when any horse asks him to move, he moves, now clearly understanding the horse language!! Jack loves playing with the children around the agility courses and building their confidence as they go. A pleasure to be around.



horse agility horsemanship north devon

Gizmo (Stable Name)

Full Name          –        Eiger Goulash

Born                   –        10.04.2004

Breed                 –        Shetland

Colour                –        Skewbald

Size                    -

Known History   – Gizmo came to AJ in March 2009 

AJ received a phone call from a lady who was divorcing and moving to Lincolnshire. The woman had 4 horses but could only afford to take the 2 ridden horses with her as they would no longer be kept at home to roam free around the garden but would instead be on Full Livery.


Gizmo soon settled in as part of the team, what Gizmo lacks in size he makes up for in character. A real life Thewell pony!!!!




horse agility horsemanship north devon

Kirbie (Stable Name)


Full Name          –        Ilkerton Kirbie 265/23

Born                   –        2008

Breed                 –        Exmoor Pony

Colour                –        Bay

Size                    -

Known History   -Lived on Exmoor all his life until October 2011, where he moved to Combe Martin. He has only known Natural Horsemanship, born and bred by a local he was handled as a foal to be inspected by the Exmoor pony breed society and to be branded. Nikki Hackett Read fell in love with Kirbie when she worked with him on this course and purchased him with a view of him remaining on the moors. When his herd was sold he came to AJ and was given to her daughter on her christening by her godmother Nikki.


Kirbie settled in lovely and made great friends with both Jack and Gizmo, he has a very cheeky way about him. He often thinks he is still living on the moors but once he is at work he becomes very grown up and is a pleasure to play with.




horse agility horsemanship north devon

Derek The Donkey

Derek joined the Team in 2014 as loves to give and receive tender loving care