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Founder Amanda-Jayne Staddon

amanda jayne staddon

Amanda-Jayne Staddon

Amanda-Jayne is a Natural Horsemanship trainer with extensive experience in animal behaviour and has studied and worked overseas. Using Reiki, healing and animal communication Amanda-Jayne has worked with both horses and dogs with both physical and/or emotional issues with a huge success.

Having started work as a trainee solicitor and moving onto become an IFA the idea of becoming a Natural Horsemanship Instructor or running Junior Agility for the UK was definitely not a thought that crossed her mind.

AJ soon realised that her ability to ‘talk to horses’ and help them via healing (which simply began as helping friends and family) was so sought after that her career as a Financial Adviser was pushed aside and her true passion of working with horses was put to the forefront.

AJ is a firm believer that if you teach children the correct and fun way or handling horses then there is nothing to undo as they grow into adults. She has studied with Lynn Henry from Think Like a pony and has worked with Vanessa Bee from positive Horsemanship as one of her instructors for many years. She has studied equine behaviour both in the UK and abroad from the local Exmoor and Dartmoor ponies to the Patoka ponies in the Pyrenees with Equine Ethologist Lucy Rees and Dr Martha Kiley-Worthington. In addition to this AJ is well respected within the area for animal communication and healing, having wonderful success with animals even over long distance.

AJ has 3 children and has been a step mum for many years, so can relate to kids of all ages and adults from all walks of life.

Amanda-Jayne is the founder of The Natural Approach to Equine Therapy and also runs the Junior Agility– Horse Agility for children aged 6-16 at Barnstone farm, Kentisbury Ford, North Devon. AJ takes ponies to school to assist with learning and behaviour issues as well as encouraging team work, self awareness and empathy for others. AJ specialises in teaching children horse behaviour and handling, she aspires to teach them Junior Agility allowing them to progress to work their horse or pony loose over obstacles such as sea saws bridges, tunnels and hoops. AJ also uses her own ponies on the courses from students that have none of their own.

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Laura Middleton – Equine Facilitator


Laura joined the team in 2014 and not only looks after the team of horses, Ponies and Donkeys at The Natural Approach but also teaches students of all levels from all walks of life.

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