How you can Help

Fundraising events

If you can’t attend or help at one of our events why not organize one of your own? You could have a cake sale at school organize a sponsored bike ride or walk, run a raffle at a local event or hold a stall at a local fayre. For more assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are a member of the fundraising standards board. (logo)

Make a Donation

We run as a charity and all our work is funded through fundraising and donations. Whether you can donate a week’s pocket money or more we are grateful for all the help you can give. Without this we cease to exist.

We are a member of the fundraising standards board. 



Sponsor a child in crisis

 Why not sponsor a child for a session or a full 12 week course. It costs us £25 per session for a facilitator to work with a child in need. Your sponsorship money would allow us to reach out to more children who have lost a parent, suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse or are homeless and lacking in confidence and self esteem. We assist children with Autism and learning behavior as well as siblings who are struggling to cope with Autism or the behavior issues within the family and cannot get their emotions across. Your help has never been more desperately required.

Make a difference Sponsor a child for as little as £300 per 12 week course

Help change a child’s life today.

Sponsor a horse or pony for you or a friend 

  • You will receive a gift certificate and send a newsletter with your sponsored horse’s picture and profile telling you what your horse or pony has been up to this season. This makes an ideal Christmas or birthday present at the same time helping to change people’s lives for the better.
  • By helping to sponsor a horse or pony you can help us keep more horses and ponies available to assist our clients. Your money helps us to look after our equine team by keeping them fit and always in good health physically and mentally as they are a valued part of the team.
  • We take the ponies to local schools and the horse’s coach individuals on a one to one basis helping them come to terms with the trials and tribulations that life has thrown them.
  • Your money helps not only towards their feed and keep, feet and teeth but all vetinery bills and transportation. Our volunteers help look after the team and ensure they have plenty of time to relax and just be a horse/pony with the rest of the friends within the herd ensuring positive mental well being.
  • Monthly or yearly sponsorships are available to suit your budget.
  • Sponsor a horse or pony from as little as £5 per week or £25 per month


Donate clothing

 Some of our children (and adults ) come from very unfortunate back grounds. They have very little and often have left their family homes with only the clothes on their back – some having no home at all. By having a selection of warm outdoor clothes and footwear no one is beyond our help. Children can join in our local competitions and are not discriminated by their appearance by others in any shape or form. They blend in and have the same opportunites available to them that others take for granted. Horses help heal the hearts they touch so we aspire to allow them to touch as many as physically possible. The art of escapisim is priceless and your genourosity is desperately required, be it an old pair of outgrown (but waterproof) wellingtons to any old riding clothes and equipment hanging around gathering dust at home.



 We are always grateful to our volunteers who help from simple things such as baking a cake or making teas at a fund raising event, to helping look after or excercise the horses or aiding our team on courses run throughout the year on a one off or regular basis. But we warn you it’s addictive, you’ll want to keep coming back !!!


Become a facilitator

 Some of our volunteers are in the process of training to become equine facilitated therapists. This allows us to get out to more schools and run more daily courses to assist individuals that are in desperate need of our help.